Islam: the original religion
Jesus (peace be upon him): A fine Muslim
Moses (peace be upon him): the upright Muslim
Islam and Terrorism

Many Non-Muslims are surprised to learn that Qur’ān identifies Jesus (peace be on him) as one of the finest Muslims (those who submit to God). Jesus was one in the long chain of prophets who brought messages of God to the people. Muslims believe that Jesus and other previous prophets, such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, (peace be on all of them), were preaching Islam to their respective communities. The final and complete form of Islam, as taught by God, was preached by Muhammad (peace be on him).

The Qur’ān frequently mentions Jesus, and his mother Mary. In fact, Mary is a chapter in the Qur’ān (chapter 19). Both of them are termed signs for humanity—and We have made her and her son a Sign for the nations (The Qur’ān 21:92).

The Qur’ān rejects some of the Christian teachings about Jesus. It recognizes Jesus as a prophet, but refutes the concept that he was son of God. The Qur’ān summarily rejects any idea that God has any offspring of any kind. It also states that Jesus never claimed divinity. The Qur’ān rejects the concept that Jesus was killed on the cross, or was murdered.

Muslims are taught in the Qur’ān not to discriminate among any of the Prophets. Jesus, Moses, Noah and others thus have the same rank as Muhammad (peace be on all of them). The added qualification for Muhammad is that he was the final in the chain of prophets, and is the prophet for the whole humanity after him.


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